Patient Centricity: Smartphone-Based Support of Use

With their interactive applications, labels featuring integrated NFC/RFID technology assist patients in taking their medications and enhance therapy adherence, while physicians can adapt doses individually, as needed.

These benefits result in building loyalty to the medication and pharmaceutical brand.

Possible Applications

  • Attachment to primary packaging for direct linking to the product
  • Application to secondary packaging


  • Ease of access to information of relevance to the application and product
  • Authentication in the background available
  • Monitoring and enhancement of therapy adherence
  • Higher transparency of the supply chain
  • Communication channel to patients or healthcare professionals

Interactive Information for Adherence Support

Classic patient information leaflets (PILs) are not always easy to understand or may not be close at hand when needed.

With an NFC-Label applied directly to the product, the required product information not only is readily available but can even be provided interactively.

More Use Cases