Authenticity Protection and First-Opening Indication:
Authenticating Medicines and Detecting Tampering Attempts

Smart labels with integrated NFC technology enable smartphone-based digital authentication. Users receive clear and reliable results that show whether or not the medication in their hands is an original. Various and scalable product and brand protection options are available according to the relevant threat scenario. In addition, pharmaceutical manufacturers can obtain important information for monitoring the supply chain and avoiding gray market activities. Authentication works without any problems on current Android and Apple devices.

Possible Applications

  • Product and brand protection
  • First-opening indication
  • Supply chain security


  • Ease of use
  • Requires no interpretation
  • Inclusion of individual and product-specific information
  • Transparency about product use in the marketplace

Digital Authentication

Ease and safety of use with impeccable products is particularly important in the context of self-medication using autoinjectors. The NFC-Label with sensors from Schreiner MediPharm enables authentication and monitoring of first-opening and integrity of packaging.

More Use Cases