Robust RFID-Label: Perfect Protection for Top Performance

The Robust RFID-Label is a particularly strong yet flexible label for pharmaceutical and medical device technology applications. To ensure RFID functionality, the RFID transponder is provided with a special structure for reliable protection against damage.


  • Integrated protective elements that absorb mechanical loads
  • Flexible and thin label
  • Usable with all RFID technologies and antenna geometries


  • Reliable RFID functionality reduces risk of failure
  • Suitable for existing label designs
  • High protection especially when used on round containers such as vials and syringes
  • Enables simplified integration into existing manufacturing processes

Easy RFID Implementation Using Robust RFID

The inclusion of RFID has to be viewed as part of a total solution. The label design must be determined at an early stage and integrated into processes. Schreiner MediPharm supports customers in this early stage, provides advice on technology-specific aspects such as the use of UHF or HF, and develops application-specific label designs matching the manufacturing process.

In-house R+D performs extensive tests for robustness and label functionality based on real-world customer applications and manufacturing processes. 

Use Cases